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Fire fighter recruitment is always an exciting time of the year for Haldimand County Station #9. Being one of the provinces oldest and most historic fire stations, we take a lot of pride in sharing our history and heritage to new fire fighters as they begin their services in one of Haldimand County's busiest stations.


Not only are they taken in as family right away with the rest of the fire fighters, they quickly realize the importance of the service we provide, as well as respecting and maintaining the stations long history, to help preserve it for generations to come. 

In 2023 we were very proud to welcome  4 recruits to the Dunnville Fire station. Fire fighters Geoff Edie, Evan Gibson, Travis Sheldrake and Luke Van Schepen joined our ranks and have been actively training  and getting up to speed to serve the residents and visitors of the town of Dunnville.


There is no greater sense of pride felt then being a volunteer in your own community. Volunteer firefighters play an essential role in keeping the county’s citizens safe, so when an emergency occurs, you can be sure that your Dunnville fire fighters will be responding in your time of need.


Being a Volunteer Fire Fighter offers a reward few other opportunities can match. Would you like to become one of our new recruits, and become a hero in your community? If so apply now through the Emergency Services Division on the Haldimand County website.


"Join Our Team!, Apply Today!"

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